This is not your ordinary group of ladies. They are not just in this group for what they can get out of it for their business. This group is about sharing love and encouraging each other to be their best and live out their dreams.
— Joan Goodwin, All Inclusive Member
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Vendor Love is near and dear to my heart- the first unofficial multi-vendor event started in my home. It’s about community, empowerment, networking and support. I’ve met SO many amazing friends and women in Vendor Love. I’ve grown in my business and in my personal life. I love sharing my business with others, I love supporting small business and I just love all the love! Lol! Vendor Love has aided me in getting out of my comfort zone, push past fears and meet people to share L’BRI! “Have you heard about L’BRI?!” It’s exciting to be a part of this community of entrepreneurs striving for success and eager for more!
— Audrey Konkel, All Inclusive Member
My business has grown in Vendor Love. I have also had the chance every month to practice what I say to people and adjust it to be more helpful and effective. The community of people are also top notch and everyone lifts everyone up. I have grown as a person because if it. So supportive and loving. The things that are coming are also going to help me grow so much more.I am very excited about it!
— Casey Tabor, All Inclusive Member
Vendor Love is a wonderful community of like-minded people dedicated to their dreams and goals. To be a part of this group is the perfect first step towards achieving everything and anything you want in life.
— Marisa Gomez, All Inclusive Member

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A woman on a mission to empower, share, build and help people find their passion, fuel their hearts and reach their dreams!!!
— Jill Fisher All Inclusive Member