Expansion Education

Melissa Yoder now offerers Expansion Education to highly motivated, driven, and possibly STUCK entrepreneurs. Sometimes, business owners know they want MORE out of themselves, but can’t seem to create the space to EXPAND. You might not know where to start and you may just need the support and sounding board with the experience of someone who has been-there-done-that. It’s your time to grow and succeed!


One Year of Vendor Love +

From a young age, Melissa Yoder knew she wanted to help others. (cue adorable picture with her sister) With 17+ years in education and child care, she realized that there is a lot to be said about GROUP education, ie learning from PEERS with the teacher as a guiding force. With this package, you will receive a year of Vendor Love Membership and all its glory and 3 months of hands on Expansion Education to help you not only create the space to grow, but apply it right away.

3 Month Package

If you are looking for quick and intense change and you are already receiving the benefits of Vendor Love membership, this package is for you. Through growth mindset training, sharpening your tool kit, and busting through those fear blocks, you will experience rapid and profound change.



Want the flexibility to pay as you book and still receive the MASSIVE growth that comes with Expansion Education? Book your session now and get working TODAY.

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