Are YOU a Vendor Love Mom?

Do you need more TIME for yourself?
Do you want more MONEY to enjoy the things you love?
Do you crave SUPPORT and BALANCE?
Do you want MORE out of your current business but need the COMMUNITY, energetic SPACE, and KNOW-HOW to catalyze...MORE?


  • Complimentary Manifestation Starter Kit value: $75 FREE

  • Earn 30% commission and Cash Bonuses

  • Virtual training = NO travel

  • Elevate your current business AUTHENTICALLY

  • No Vendor Love membership fee, ever!

  • Receive all training materials, templates, event protocols = no recreating the wheel


  • Short Interview

  • 3 month 1-1 Coaching Program $499 $350 SALE 4 DAYS ONLY

  • Start by hosting 1 two hour event per month


Emotional healing, breaking past barriers, and life-long friendships are all  likely side effects of being a Vendor Love Mom!

Melissa Yoder is a full time stay at home mom and full time business owner who has not only learned how to create more time and money for her growing businesses but has MASTERED the balance of love and intuition to help others exceed with their own divine purpose. By being a Vendor Love mom, you will learn how to pay the bills with ease, be a boss mom, AND manifest all you desire.

Define and seek out your higher purpose by stepping outside your comfort zone and into your destiny. Melissa created Vendor Love LLC to provide shopping, workshop, networking, online, and retreat events to GROW entrepreneurial souls in a safe and supportive space. Now, YOU can be a part of her incredible leadership team, expanding this opportunity to those you know and love on an anomalous and empathic mission to create an energetic space for catalysts.

Who would be a GREAT addition to our Vendor Love Mom Leadership team? Skills and personality traits include:

  • You are Authentic

  • You are Organized

  • You are Consistent

  • You are a Caregiver

  • You are Teachable

  • You are Flexible

  • You are Inclusive of everyone

  • You are a Strong communicator

  • You are Resilient

  • You Believe you can lovingly create space for others growth

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