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Growth Accountability

With Melissa Yoder

In this hands-on blockage-busting class you will open up to realizing, taking action, and manifesting what you truly want for yourself. Melissa's first hand experiences have helped her grow two successful businesses and encourage ongoing engagement  and growth within her team of 60+ people.




Self Care 101

With Victoria Snyder

Take a deep dive into self care with Victoria, a licensed and practicing massage therapist with a passion for helping people regain some of their personal power through knowledge about and care for their physical bodies. Here you can explore what self care truly is, what it isn't, why it's an essential part to your journey to success, and easy, actionable tips for incorporating more of it into your life. 


I Am Worthy

With Jillien Brown

Come learn to understand self-esteem from a biblical perspective to gain confidence and an unwavering sense of self-worth. Jillien, who has found power and guidance in growing her business and running her everyday life by growing closer with God, will be using scripture to help you gain perspective on how amazingly you were created. You will walk away knowing how to see and tap into your full potential.






Astro Therapy

With Jennifer Forchellli

Using the exact day, time, and location of your birth you, will be guided through the "script" for this lifetime to support you in becoming the STAR in the movie of your life. Jennifer has spent 20 years perfecting a system that harnesses the power of the zodiac calendar to help you heal your life from the inside out. You will learn about the two sides to your personality: your comfort zone and your destiny. In the session you will learn about and start to heal your internal struggle so you can rise into the star role you were born for!


Fear Busting

With Casey Tabor

This session will include tips and tricks to not only label your fears, but break them for good! Casey has strategically broken down her own fears and lives a more successful life, full of setting and crushing goals by collating years of research and study. You will leave the class with tools to continue your work breaking any and all fear from your life. You will be freed to create and live the life of your dreams.





The ME Project Success Playshop

With Rachel Brownlow Lund

Whole group session!

Begin manifesting your big goals during a crafty, hands-on playshop (think workshop + play) with Rachel Brownlow Lund, women’s leadership and empowerment coach at Me2Lead. The ME Project Playshop is a fun, inspiring and insightful process designed to help you dream big and live a life of purpose and impact.


Remaining Whole in Conflict

With Amanda Evans Lang

Even when we are working within the best version of ourselves, we will come across tension and conflict with other people in our lives. Learn how to care for yourself and manage those inevitable conflicts in a way that honors your relationships and maintain your sense of self. Amanda, owner of her own business with the Seduit House, is a powerhouse at helping people tap into and harness their hidden inner power to tackle all aspects of their lives.

Spirituality-What-a-Concept (1).jpg

When the Universe Asks You for Something BIG

With Amanda Evans Lang

Whole group session!

In the quiet hours of the night, the universe whispers to your heart. We can shush it away sure that BIG pf an idea was meant for someone else or we can chase after it, understanding we were made to be and do more. This session is about taking everything you have learned and practiced at I Am: Becoming and taking the first steps to Becoming all that you have to offer.


Get Your Magic Back: Discover the Hidden Keys to Clarity, Confidence, and a Kick-Ass Life

With Colette Davenport

Whole group session!

Do you sometimes get easily overwhelmed — even though life is good? are three main reasons why this happens for women like us. 

  • Poor Boundaries
  • Unexpressed Emotions
  • Ineffective Communication

With Colette's 23 years of knowledge as  an international coach and speaker, a published author, and the founder of Badass Empath Academy , she will show you how to unpack the three main areas, uncover your “secret saboteurs”, and set you up with a strategy to handle life like a boss! This is how you get your magic back.


Morning Reflection


Since this retreat is located on Lake LBJ, there is plenty of space here for everyone. Please remember to take the time you need for meditation, prayer, reflection, and recharging! We will have a scheduled meditation before breakfast for anyone that would like to join in. This highly encouraged time can be sitting in silence, praying, meditating, visualizing, affirming, setting intensions, or anything else you feel called to. If you're not sure where to start, there will be session leaders available to answer all your questions.


Set your Space up for Success

With Audrey Konkel

You wake up in the morning to start your new day of opportunities. What do you see around you? How do you think that impacts the way your day flows? Audrey, who has a B.A. in Interior design, will give you the tools to take what you learn about self love and your potential to the next level. By setting up your home and work space to encourage clear, creative, and inspired energy, you'll not only set new goals, you'll crush them! Stress free environment = Clarity!


Divine Plants for Women's Beauty

With Autumn Schultz

Look good and feel good using plants and food. to improve your body inside and out. Herbalist and health coach, Autumn will guide you through plants you can grow yourself and how to use their healing properties in wonderful beauty products and easy hacks. Learn first hand from in person creation and demonstration of a gluten free vegan facial  scrub.


Divine Plants for Women's Health

With Autumn Schultze 

Autumn's journey has taken her from pharmaceutical researcher to an Herbalist & Certified Health Coach. She has a B.S. in Biomedical Science and has also completed Herbalist and Appothecary Programs. This session will include an introduction to using plants as not only food, but also herbal medicine along with live demos and a Q&A portion. Also covered will be historical perspectives and everyday ailment solutions with a focus on women's health. Come learn about plants you can grow in Texas, their uses, and simple recipes you can make at home.


Meaningful Movement Matters

With Karen Shopoff Rooff

Come learn how to sneak more meaningful movement in to your daily life and the best types of exercise and movement for whatever stage in life you may be. With Karen's vast experience of  being a personal trainer, health coach, Perinatal Fitness Specialist, Prenatal Yoga Instructor, and a 3rd Age Women's Wellness Coach she combines education and exercise to get you moving and keep you going long after the retreat!


Functional Aesthetics: Good Health Is the Best Cosmetic

With Holly L'Italien

Learn to listen to what your appearance is saying about your internal health so your can look your very best, naturally! Functional Aesthetics will address the root cause of complaints about physical appearance: hair, skin, nails, and even body shape and proportions. Holly's has an extensive background including a M.S. in Human Nutrition, M.S in Oriental Medicine, Certification in Epigenetic Human Potential Coach, and ADAPT Trained Health Practitioner. You'll enjoy results that don’t wash off and the side effect of vibrant health with the knowledge and tips you'll gain from this session.


Intensive Massage

With Victoria Snyder  

Short intensive sessions of bodywork with Victoria Snyder LMT  to find and start releasing holding patterns in your soft tissues. 1 hour sessions will be broken up into 2 30min periods. The first part will be a thorough intake and analysis (including ROM testing and gait assessments), the second part will be all hands-on bodywork utilizing a variety of therapeutic massage techniques that will have you feeling like a whole new person. 


Energy Work

With Casey Tabor

Did you know that you have an energic field that picks up the energy of other people every single day? Casey's empathic nature has guided and nurtured her long history of working with energy clearing.  In these sessions you will have your chakras checked and your energy field assessed and cleared. Plus, you will walk away with tips on keeping yourself protected from the onslaught of energys you encounter on a day to day basis.



There will be sunrise yoga at 7:30 in the morning and  another session in the afternoon. 


Massage with Cupping

With Katie Lain

Intensive sessions of bodywork with  Katie Lain LMT to find and start releasing holding patterns in your soft tissues. 1 hour sessions will be broken up into cupping along with massage. The first part will be a thorough intake and analysis (including ROM testing and gait assessments), the second part will be all hands-on bodywork utilizing a variety of therapeutic massage and cupping techniques that will have you feeling like a whole new person. 

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