Expo Coaching Sessions

Your COACHING TICKET includes 6 incredible coaching sessions, catered lunch, swag bag, and networking!! We believe that an essential part of growing your business is growing YOU!!


Money Goddess Workshop
by Heidi Carter

The Five-Step Formula to Get Aligned with Money So You Can Make a Bigger Impact on the World

Join us in this hands-on workshop with Money Breakthrough Coach Heidi Carter, where you will learn the five exact steps you need to take to open the floodgates to higher income, so you can become the badass leader you are meant to be.

Heidi Carter is a Money Breakthrough & Business Coach who helps women entrepreneurs create a divine relationship with money so they can earn more money (and keep more of what they make!)

In addition to coaching, Heidi is a speaker, author, and artist and has been coaching women entrepreneurs for 7 years!


Besties, Bullies, and Boundaries: Unleash Your SoulFull BadAss
by Janifer Wheeler

In this session, we'll explore how understanding your Inner BadAss Bestie will help you set healthy boundaries that empower you for success. We'll address those pesky self-doubts and limiting beliefs created by your mind - aka your inner bully. You'll become your own bestie hero and unleash your badass soul power into every aspect of life

Janifer is a Certified Life Coach and National Adult Learning Presenter, speaker and facilitator at Wheelhouse Lifestyle Solutions. She provides life coaching tools that inspire coaches, healers, and everyday women to re-energize and help them find their amazing inner badass.


How Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe & Getting What You Want
by Juju Rafii

In is interactive workshop, you will enhance all aspects of your life by harnessing your high vibe energy, gain clarity on your life’s purpose, declare & demand what you deserve, understand the law of attraction, and incorporating on-the-spot gratitude techniques.

"The Universe doesn't hear what you are saying. It feels the vibration of what you are offering." - Abraham Hicks

Juju Rafii, is a Mindset Coach, Author, and Motivational Speaker, who helps empower women who feel "stuck" to define their purpose and live their lives to the fullest. Amidst her successful work in coaching, Juju founded and leads a networking group of over 3,500 members, Boss Babes New Braunfels. She empowers other women and entrepreneurs in her community, through monthly training and networking events.


All you Need to Know to Close More Business
by Christine Cox

Master the most effective closing techniques from Christine Cox Aubin, who has a life long career of exceeding sales goals and five figure commission checks.

Christine has extensive experience in her lucrative sales career because of HOW she closes the buyer. She is semi-retired, enjoying working very few hours on her own time schedule and basking in her successful sales career. Learn straight from the guru herself!

Christine is a Strategic, Results-Oriented Sales Executive, award winning healthcare sales executive, and has exceptional success with securing lucrative new business by grow market share while maintaining client loyalty and satisfaction.

SEAL Training for Entrepreneurs
by Amy House

We all know about the Elite Special Forces and the Navy Seals. But most of us don't really understand, as entrepreneurs...YOU are an Elite Special Force. Let's take a look at the mindset and skills that can keep you from "ringing out" and staying mission focused!

Amy House is a business and life success coach, vlogger, blogger, and speaker. She is the founder of Growin' Out Loud, Darlin'. She is an expert at helping women find the GOLD in business and life. With over 20+ years of marketing and business development in the REAL world and entrepreneurial experience building her coaching, speaking and network marketing business…she knows a little “something something” about what it takes to GROW OUT LOUD!

Uncover your Blindspots & Biases, Transform your Communication
by Rachel Rosen

In this workshop, we'll:
-Reflect on how our identity impacts how people experience us
-Walk away with increased clarity on our unconscious biases and blindspots
-Learn how the S.P.A.R.K. stance helps us show up with more intentionality (and awareness of our biases)
-Discover a fun story-sharing game that builds trust and strengthens bonds

Rachel Rosen is a seasoned facilitator and the founder of S.P.A.R.K., a multitiered enterprise committed to inclusion, equity, and courageous leadership. Rachel supports communities to come together across racial, gender, and identity differences, to engage in conversations about implicit bias, inclusion, and equity. With a Masters from Stanford, extensive training in equity leadership, organizational development, AND consulting, S.P.A.R.K. experiences are grounded in theory and practice--all in service of making the world a better place for the next generation.